Apply for Scholarship

A Commitment Beyond Discounts

We do not offer any kind of discount on our courses throughout the year. Instead, we are proud to provide an array of scholarships aimed at empowering students and professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to succeed in the legal world.

Tanusree Patra Scholarship for Aspiring Women Lawyers

  • Target Group: Female law students and early-career lawyers.
  • Availability: This scholarship can be availed by up to 5 eligible applicants per month.
  • Up to 75% off on course fees, aiming to support female learners in enhancing their legal knowledge and skills without financial burden.

Prabodh Patra Legacy Scholarship

  • Lawyers with at least one year of professional experience, regardless of gender.
  • This scholarship can be availed by up to 3 eligible applicants per month.
  • Up to 50% off on course fees, designed to support learners in advancing their understanding and application of the law.

Aditya Patra Future Leaders Scholarship

  • Law students who show potential for future leadership within the legal community, open to all genders.
  • This scholarship can be availed by up to 10 eligible applicants per month.
  • Up to 100% off on course fees, designed to support learners in advancing their understanding and application of the law.

The Patra Family Scholarship

  • Open to all aspiring and current legal professionals, the Patra Family Scholarship welcomes anyone with a passion for law and a desire to expand their legal knowledge and skills through our courses.
  • Each month, up to 50 ambitious learners will be granted this scholarship, reflecting our commitment to nurturing a broad and diverse array of legal talents.
  • Recipients of the Patra Family Scholarship will receive financial assistance amounting to up to 25% off their course fees.

Application Process

Each scholarship has a limited number of awards available per month. Be thorough and authentic in your application to stand out. Recipients are chosen based on a combination of merit and need, as demonstrated through their application materials.

Step 1: Choose Your Scholarship

Begin by reviewing the details of the available scholarships: The Tanusree Patra Scholarship for Aspiring Women Lawyers, Prabodh Patra Legacy Scholarship, and Aditya Patra Future Leaders Scholarship. Decide which scholarship aligns best with your qualifications and aspirations. Remember, you can apply for only one type of scholarship per month.

Step 2: Prepare Your CV and Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • CV: Update your CV to highlight your academic achievements, legal experience (if any), leadership roles, and any other pertinent information that showcases your suitability for the scholarship.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP): Write a compelling SOP explaining why you are interested in the specific course you wish to enroll in, how the scholarship will assist you in your legal career, and why you deserve the scholarship.
Step 3: Gather Additional Supporting Materials (Optional)

While not mandatory, additional materials such as letters of recommendation, certificates of achievements, or any other documents that underscore your merit and suitability for the scholarship can strengthen your application. These materials should further illustrate your dedication to legal studies and your potential contribution to the legal field.

Step 4: Submit Your Application

Compile your chosen scholarship, CV, SOP, and any additional materials into one PDF. Submit your application by mailing to Ensure that you clearly indicate which scholarship you are applying for in your application. Note that scholarships are awarded based on merit, and the percentage of the course fee covered may vary according to the strengths of your application.

Who Should Apply?

At LawPhilic, we believe that opportunity should knock on every door. Our scholarships, including the Patra Family Scholarship, are crafted with the vision of fostering a diverse and dynamic community of legal professionals. These scholarships are not just financial aids; they are stepping stones towards achieving excellence in the legal field. So, who should apply? The answer is simple: Anyone.