Our Story

Remember 2020?

The year the world went on lockdown, and our lives were confined to our homes. It was during these uncertain times that Lawphilic emerged, fueled by a desire to connect and empower the legal community despite the challenging times

We saw the struggle.

Law students bombarded with questions, but with nowhere to turn for real answers. Experienced lawyers, full of wisdom, stuck in classrooms that only a select few could access. The cost of good legal education? Forget about it, it felt like a key locked away for the privileged.

Lawphilic started as a simple blog

We shared opportunities, offered support, and created a space where everyone felt welcome. It wasn’t fancy, but it was real.

 Everyone resonated.

Law students, young professionals, even those just curious about law – they all joined our community. We realized then, information sharing was just the beginning. You, the future lawyers of India, needed more. You needed guidance, a map to navigate the exciting, but sometimes confusing, world of law.

We started interviewing those who’d been there, done that

We brought their stories, their hard-earned knowledge, right to your screen.


The legal education system felt stuck in the past. Expensive courses that focused on rote learning, cheap options that left you with more questions than answers. We knew there had to be a better way

We decided to rewrite the rules.

We asked ourselves: “If we were starting our legal careers today, what would we need? What skills would matter most in the real world of law?”

The answer? Practical, future-proof education that wouldn’t break the bank.

Courses designed to not just make you pass exams, but to make you a lawyer who can thrive in the ever-changing legal landscape.

Lawphilic isn’t just about us anymore

It’s about you. It’s about creating a platform where experienced lawyers, those same people who once graced the halls of prestigious universities, can share their wisdom with everyone. No more limitations, no more feeling left out. These legal heroes can now inspire the next generation of lawyers, right from their laptops or phones.

Lawphilic’s story is far from over

It’s a story we’re writing together